Alienware Area-51 2014 hardcore customized gaming rig built for the future

Alienware is a brand name that has been focusing for performance hunger computing and produced such high performance Desktops and Laptops.
Usually Hardcore gamers build their own but primarily targeting Alienware products who does not want to build their own gaming rig, I mean Alienware is such a big and trustworthy name.

Since our inception this is the first such Alienware product that we are introducing you.
Alienware Area-51 is such a product that always comes with the latest and high performance configurations.
Your mind will literally blow after having the configuration of this gaming beast.

Triad chassis:

Triad is centered on two main design principles: optimized thermal management and best-in-class ergonomics.
It features an angled, easily accessible front I/O panel and hassle-free grips that make it simple to pivot your system forward to reach rear ports.

[Alienware Area 51 with a Triad Chassis design]

Ultra HD 4K video in gaming:

The new Area-51 is designed to support up to three full-length double-wide graphics cards, or quad GPU configurations.
The graphics capabilities of Area-51 can enable a mind-melting 11520x2160 resolution across triple Ultra HD 4K monitors.

[imagine the Ultra HD 4K gaming]

High performance aimed at the future:

The Alienware Area-51 shows off a new era of performance with 6-core and 8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme processor options that comes factory overclocked.
Highly customized with the new Intel X99 Express chipset.
Fastest running DDR4 memory at 2133Mhz — supports up to 32GB in quad channel.
Custom balanced solid-state and hard drives, enabling the performance of SSD with the storage capacity of HDD.
Go wireless with 802.11ac support – the latest wireless protocol – prioritizes streaming video and gaming, so a lag free experience.
And with an impressive array of ports and connectivity options.

[The ultimate hardware configuration]

[Alienware Area 51 (2014)]

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